Entry of Brock Lesnar Back in 30 Man Royal Rumble 2018 Match?

Royal Rumble 2018 is about to begin and it’s the time to know about the favourite and potential wrestlers who should be in the match. Brock Lesnar is one who is capable enough to be counted in 2018 Royal Rumble. At Hell in a Cell was the last time when we saw Brock Lesnar in the WWE ring against Undertaker. The match was fantastic and brutal as well as we saw the surreal sight of Lesnar ripping up the ring canvas which took his opponent on the exposed boards.

Brock Lesnar in Royal Rumble 2018?

There have been many things that have happened since we saw Lesnar in WWE for the last time. There are many changes in the landscape of WWE and there is a new WWE Champion, the “League of Nations”. Brock is always dominant and when he returned to the company for the second time, he was ridiculous dominant this time as well. Top title was grasped by him and for this he didn’t even had to really beaten. He won each and every match and completely destroyed his opponents. So making a return of Brock is a good decision. Even in the lean period for the company, he is one of the undoubted highlights.
Brock Lesnar Royla Rumble 2018

A Surpise Entry?

There are many requirements of big names to return to WWE and improve the TV ratings. In this respect, only name that is capable of doing so is John Cena and apart of him, Brock Lesnar can be another one whose surprise entrant in the battle royal will interest people a lot. He can be put against Sheamus who is a champion and Roman Reigns who would try to win back the belt which he lost just over 5 minutes after winning for the first time. This match would make great sense. Lesnar would be able to win the belt by not only letting him enter but win the Royal Rumble.
If he is allowed to enter in the later stages of the match as a surprise entry then he would be able to destroy lot many men and be able to make up to the finals on the grandest stage of all in Texas. Brock Lesnar is a big name which if added to the show will improve the ratings. He had already won the Rumble and by showing this will show his mania to win his belt again.
Brock Lesnar is considered to be a legitimate beast and a badass. It is for sure that he is coming back and most probably it would be pleasure to see him as the winner of Royal Rumble 2018.
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